broad | engleski leksikon

1. broad


1. Very large in expanse or scope; SYN. spacious, wide.
2. Showing or characterized by broad-mindedness; SYN. liberal, tolerant.
3. Not detailed or specific; SYN. unspecific.
4. Lacking subtlety; obvious; SYN. unsubtle.
5. (Of speech) Heavily and noticeably regional
Being at a peak or culminating point; SYN. full.

Broad | engleski leksikon

2. Broad

muški rodlično ime

(1887-1971) British philosopher who appreciated the importance of science and psychology. His books include Perception, Physics and Reality 1914 and Lectures on Psychic Research 1962, discussing scientific evidence for survival after death.

broad | engleski leksikon

3. broad

imenicasleng, dijalekt

Slang term for a woman

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