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1. box


Sinonimi: boxful | loge | box seat | boxwood

1. Usually rectangular container; may have a lid.
2. The quantity contained in a box; SYN. boxful.
3. A rectangular drawing.
4. Private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance; SYN. loge.
5. The driver's seat on a coach; SYN. box seat.
6. Separate partitioned area in a public place for a few people.
7. Any one of several designated areas on a ball field where the batter or catcher or coaches are positioned.
8. Evergreen shrubs or small trees; SYN. boxwood.
9. A blow with the hand (usually on the ear).

box | engleski leksikon

2. box


1. Container for a piece of electronic equipment.
2. Slang for a computer. more specifically the unit holding the central processing unit, or CPU, and other “guts” of the system, as in “bet that new high-performance box really screams.” See also central processing unit.
3. An IBM front-end processor.
4. A rectangular—actually, diamond-shaped—symbol, usually called a decision box, used in flowcharting to represent a point at which a process branches into more than one possible outcome, as in a yes/no situation. See also decision box.
5. The boundary around a graphic image on screen. See also graphic limits.

box | engleski leksikon

3. box


Sinonimi: package

ETYM Cf.Spanish boxar, now spelt bojar.
1. To engage in a boxing match; in sport.
2. To hit with the fist.
3. To put into a box; SYN. package.

box | engleski leksikon

4. box


Any of several small evergreen trees and shrubs, genus Buxus, of the family Buxaceae, with small, leathery leaves. Some species are used as hedge plants and for shaping into garden ornaments.

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