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1. barb


General name for fish of the genus Barbus and some related genera of the family Cyprinidae. As well as the barbel, barbs include many small tropical Old World species, some of which are familiar aquarium species. They are active egg-laying species, usually of “typical” fish shape and with barbels at the corner of the mouth.

barb | engleski leksikon

2. barb


1. A sharp point, as on a hook.
2. A subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an object hard to remove.
3. An ironic or pointed comment.
4. One of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather.
5. The pointed part of barbed wire.

barb | engleski leksikon

3. barb


A medieval cloth headdress passing over or under the chin and covering the neck.

barb | engleski leksikon

4. barb


Any of a northern African breed of horses that are noted for speed and endurance.

barb | engleski leksikon

5. barb


1. To provide with barbs, as of fences, for example.
2. To provide with barbs.

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