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1. baboon


ETYM Old Eng. babewin, baboin, from French babouin, or Late Lat. babewynus. Of unknown origin; cf. Dutch baviaan, German pavian, baboon, French babine lip of ape, dogs, etc., dial. German bäppe mouth.
Large monkey of the genus Papio, with a long doglike muzzle and large canine teeth, spending much of its time on the ground in open country. Males, with head and body up to 1.1 m/3.5 ft long, are larger than females, and dominant males rule the “troops” in which baboons live. They inhabit Africa and SW Arabia.
Species include the olive baboon P. anubis from W Africa to Kenya, the chacma P. ursinus from S Africa, and the sacred baboon P. hamadryas from NE Africa and SW Arabia. The male sacred baboon has a “cape” of long hair.
Large terrestrial monkeys having doglike muzzles.

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