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1. ATM


1. Acronym for Asynchronous Transfer Mode. A network technology capable of transmitting data, voice, audio, video, and frame relay traffic in real time. Data, including frame relay data, is broken into packets containing 53 bytes each, which are switched between any two nodes in the system at rates ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 622 Mbps (over fiber optic cable). The basic unit of ATM transmission is known as a cell, a packet consisting of 5 bytes routing information and a 48-byte payload (data). These cells are transmitted to their destination, where they are reassembled into the original traffic. During transmission, cells from different users may be intermixed asynchronously to maximize utilization of network resources. ATM is defined in the broadband ISDN protocol at the levels corresponding to levels 1 and 2 of the ISO/OSI reference model. It is currently used in LANs (local area networks) involving workstations and personal computers, but it is expected to be adopted by the telephone companies, which will be able to charge customers for the data they transmit rather than for their connect time. See also broadband, ISDN, ISO/OSI reference model.
2. Acronym for automated teller machine. A special-purpose terminal that bank customers can use to make deposits, obtain cash, and perform other transactions.
3. See Adobe Type Manager.

atm | engleski leksikon

2. atm


atmosphere; atmospheric

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