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1. ascension


ETYM French ascension, Latin ascensio, from ascendere. Related to Ascend.
1. The act of ascending; a rising; ascent.
2. An ascending or arising, as in distillation; also that which arises, as from distillation.
3. Specifically: the visible ascent of Jesus on the fortieth day after his resurrection.

Ascension | engleski leksikon

2. Ascension


The 40th day after Easter; celebrates the Ascension of Christ into heaven; Also called: Ascension Day, Ascension of the Lord.
British island of volcanic origin in the S Atlantic, a dependency of St Helena since 1922; area 88 sq km/34 sq mi; excluding military personnel). The chief settlement is Georgetown.
A Portuguese navigator landed there on Ascension Day 1501, but it remained uninhabited until occupied by Britain 1815. There are sea turtles and sooty terns. It is known for its role as a staging post to the Falkland Islands, and is chiefly used as a relay and cable station.

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