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1. Anger

muški rodlično ime

(1929-) US avant-garde filmmaker. He was brought up in Hollywood. His films, which dispense with conventional narrative, often use homosexual iconography and a personal form of mysticism. They include Fireworks 1947, Scorpio Rising 1964, and Lucifer Rising 1973.
He wrote the exposé Hollywood Babylon, the original version of which was published in France 1959.

anger | engleski leksikon

2. anger


Sinonimi: choler | ire | angriness

ETYM Old Eng. anger, angre, affliction, anger, from Icel. angr affliction, sorrow; akin to Dan. anger regret, Swed. anger regret, AS. ange oppressed, sad, Latin angor a strangling, anguish, angere to strangle, Greek agchein to strangle.
1. A strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance; SYN. choler, ire.
2. The state of being angry; SYN. angriness.

anger | engleski leksikon

3. anger


Sinonimi: see red

1. To become angry; SYN. see red.
2. To make angry.

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