aggregate | engleski leksikon

1. aggregate


Sinonimi: aggregative | mass

ETYM Latin aggregatus, p. p.
1. Gathered or tending to gather into a mass or whole; SYN. aggregative, mass.
2. (Botany) Formed of separate units in a cluster.

aggregate | engleski leksikon

2. aggregate


1. A sum total of many miscellaneous things; SYN. congeries, conglomeration.
2. The whole amount

aggregate | engleski leksikon

3. aggregate


Coarse mineral material (e.g., sand, gravel) that is mixed with either cement to form concrete or tarry hydrocarbons to form asp

aggregate | engleski leksikon

4. aggregate


Sinonimi: combine

1. To amount in the aggregate to.
2. To gather in a mass, sum, or whole; SYN. combine.

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