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A nonprofit organization that monitors how participating online businesses comply with their privacy policies.
TRUSTe is an independent third-party organization whose goal is to generate confidence in e-commerce by providing standard mechanisms for monitoring how privacy policies are enforced. When an online business becomes a licensed member of TRUSTe, it agrees to follow the practices of disclosure and informed consent promoted by TRUSTe, to comply with ongoing oversight, and to submit privacy disputes to TRUSTe’s dispute resolution process.
TRUSTe acts as an “assurance broker” to ensure com- panies do what they promise consumers regarding the privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) they collect from them. Should a consumer feel a member company is misusing his or her PII, that person can report the complaint to TRUSTe, which will investigate the violation and, if necessary, take some form of action against the member. Such actions could include enforcing a penalty, performing an audit, or even revoking TRUSTe privileges. In extreme cases TRUSTe could even report the violation to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for further action.

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