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Sun Yat-sen

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/ ˈsən |yat-sen| /


Or Sun Zhong Shan (1867-1925) Chinese revolutionary leader, founder of the Guomindang (nationalist party) 1894, and provisional president of the Republic of China 1912 after playing a vital part in deposing the emperor. He was president of a breakaway government from 1921.
Sun Yat-sen was the son of a Christian farmer. After many years in exile he returned to China during the 1911 revolution that overthrew the Manchu dynasty. In an effort to bring unity to China, he resigned as provisional president 1912 in favor of the military leader Yuan Shikai. As a result of Yuan’s increasingly dictatorial methods, Sun established an independent republic in S China based in Canton 1921. He was criticized for lack of organizational ability, but his “three people’s principles” of nationalism, democracy, and social reform are accepted by both the nationalists and the Chinese communists.


Sun Yat-sen · Sun Yixian

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