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1. Slayton

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(Donald Kent) (1924-1993) US astronaut, one of the original seven chosen by NASA in 1959 for the Mercury series of flights. Grounded because of his health, he became director of NASA's flight-crew operations for ten years. In 1972 he was returned to flight status, and in 1975 he finally flew in space, then the oldest person to have done so at the age of 51.
As NASA's flight-crew director, Slayton was responsible for astronaut training and the selection of crews for various flights, including the Apollo Moon missions. He finally flew himself on the Apollo–Soyuz joint mission, in which a US Apollo docked in orbit with a Soviet Soyuz. He subsequently left NASA to join a private company, Space Services Incorporated, which unsuccessfully attempted to develop rockets for a commercial launch service.

Slayton | engleski leksikon

2. Slayton


City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56172.

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