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1. Ripley

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(1893-1949) US cartoonist, creator of the syndicated column “Believe It or Not!”, a highly popular compendium of bizarre facts.
Born in Santa Rosa, California, Ripley began cartooning as a teenager and was hired by the sports department of the San Francisco Bulletin 1910. In 1913 he became a sports cartoonist for the New York Globe and later began to present sports records in the series called “Believe It or Not!” Moving from sports to all kinds of oddities and obscure facts, Ripley took his column to the New York Evening Post in 1923 and later to national syndication. Through radio and film appearances and continued syndication, Ripley became a national celebrity and master of the bizarre.

Ripley | engleski leksikon

2. Ripley


1. City in Mississippi (USA); zip code 38663.
2. City in Tennessee (USA); zip code 38063.
3. City in West Virginia (USA); zip code 25271.
4. Town in Oklahoma (USA); zip code 74062.
5. Unincorporated community in New York (USA).
6. Village in Illinois (USA).
7. Village in Ohio (USA); zip code 45167.

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