RC4 značenje | engleski prevodilac

RC4 značenje | engleski prevodilac



Množina: RC4s


A stream cipher developed by Ron Rivest.
RC4 is a stream cipher with variable key length that uses an algorithm based on random permutations. RC4 performs encryption by generating a one-time pad and XORing it bitwise with the stream of plaintext to create a corresponding stream of ciphertext. The RC4 algorithm
was originally proprietary and belonged to RSA Security but was “outed” in 1994, which has allowed it to be extensively analyzed by the cryptanalytic community.
As a result, the cipher has been found to be secure as long as the initial portion of the one-time pad is discarded.
RC4 can also be used as a pseudorandom number
generator (PRNG) and is used for encrypting Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communications on the Internet.

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