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1. Nader

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(1934-) US lawyer and consumer advocate. Called the “scourge of corporate morality”, he led many major consumer campaigns. His book Unsafe at Any Speed 1965 led to US car-safety legislation.
The Traffic Safety Act 1966 gave the federal government the right to establish safety standards for automobiles sold in the US.
Born in Winsted, Connecticut, he graduated from Princeton and Harvard universities and practiced law in Connecticut and Washington, DC. He investigated the lack of safety of color televisions, nuclear plants, and X-rays, as well as the procedures used by food and drug companies, overall job safety standards, and environmental pollution. The people who worked with and for him became known as “Nader’s Raiders.” Nader also cowrote Who’s Poisoning America: Corporate Polluters and Their Victims in the Chemical Age 1981 and The Big Boys: Styles of Corporate Power 1986.

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