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Founder of the science of genetics who worked primarily with pea plants (1822-1884).
(1822-1884) Austrian biologist, founder of genetics. His experiments with successive generations of peas gave the basis for his theory of particulate inheritance rather than blending, involving dominant and recessive characters; see Mendelism. His results, published 1865–69, remained unrecognized until the early 20th century.
From his findings Mendel formulated his law of segregation and law of independent assortment of characters, which are now recognized as two of the fundamental laws of heredity.
Mendel was born in Heinzendorf (now Hyncice in the Czech Republic), and entered the Augustinian monastery in Brünn, Moravia (now Brno, Czech Republic) 1843. Later he studied at Vienna. In 1868 he became abbot of the monastery.
Much of his work was performed on the edible pea Pisum, which he grew in the monastery garden. He carefully self-pollinated and wrapped (to prevent accidental pollination by insects) each individual plant, collected the seeds produced by the plants, and studied the offspring of these seeds. Seeing that some plants bred true and others not, he worked out the pattern of inheritance of various traits.


Gregor Mendel · Johann Mendel · Mendel

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