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1. Maybach

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(1847-1929) German engineer and inventor who worked with Gottlieb Daimler on the development of early automobiles.
Maybach invented the float-feed carburetor, which allowed gasoline to be used as a fuel for internal-combustion engines, most of which up to that time had been fueled by gas.
Maybach and Daimler went into partnership 1882 in Stuttgart, where they produced one of the first gasoline engines. In 1895, Maybach became technical director of the Daimler Motor Company. He left Daimlers in 1907 to set up his own factory for making engines for Zeppelin's airships.
In 1901, Maybach designed the first Mercedes automobile. He invented the spray-nozzle or float-feed carburetor in 1893. It made the fuel enter through a jet as a fine spray. The vaporized fuel mixed with air to produce a combustible mixture for the engine's cylinders.
Maybach's other inventions include the honeycomb radiator, an internal expanding brake 1901, and an axle-locating system for use with independent suspensions.

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