Manhattan | engleski leksikon

1. Manhattan


1. City in Kansas (USA); zip code 66502.
2. One of the five boroughs of New York City.
3. Town in Montana (USA); zip code 59741.
4. Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 60442.
Island 20 km/12.5 mi long and 4 km/2.5 mi wide, lying between the Hudson and East rivers and forming a borough of the city of New York, US. It includes the Wall Street business center, Broadway and its theaters, Carnegie Hall (1891), the World Trade Center (1973), the Empire State Building (1931), the United Nations headquarters (1952), Madison Square Garden, and Central Park.
First settled by the Dutch who bought the island from Algonquin Indians 1626, it was ceded to the British 1674. George Washington was sworn in as first president of the US at Federal Hall.

manhattan | engleski leksikon

2. manhattan


Whiskey and sweet vermouth with a dash of bitters.

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