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1. Mandela

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(Nomzamo) (1934-) Civil-rights activist in South Africa, wife of Nelson Mandela.
A leading spokesperson for the African National Congress (ANC) during her husband's imprisonment 1964–90, in 1991 she received a six-year prison sentence for her role in the kidnapping and assault of four youths. Her sentence was later waived and in May 1994, following the ANC's victory in the country's first universal suffrage elections, she was given a deputy ministerial post in her husband's government. In 1995 she was dismissed from her cabinet post, following allegations of dereliction of duty.
Actively involved in promoting the ANC's cause during her husband's long imprisonment, Winnie Mandela was jailed for a year and put under house arrest several times. In 1989 she was involved in the abduction of four youths, one of whom, Stompie Seipei, was later murdered. She was convicted of kidnapping and assault, and given a six-year jail sentence May 1991, with the right to appeal. In April 1992 she and Nelson Mandela separated after 33 years of marriage. In the same year she resigned from her ANC leaderships posts, including her seat on the ANC National Executive Committee. Her sentence was waived by South Africa's highest court 1993, and she was later nominated an ANC candidate for the April 1994 elections. She was appointed minister for arts, culture, science, and technology May 1994, but after allegations of corruption, including the handing out of government contracts in return for kickbacks, she was relieved of her post.

Mandela | engleski leksikon

2. Mandela

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(Rolihlahla) (1918-) South African politician and lawyer, president from 1994. He became president of the African National Congress (ANC) 1991. Imprisoned from 1964, as organizer of the then banned ANC, he became a symbol of unity for the worldwide anti-apartheid movement. In Feb 1990 he was released, the ban on the ANC having been lifted, and entered into negotiations with the government about a multiracial future for South Africa. In May 1994 he was sworn in as South Africa's first post-apartheid president after the ANC won 62.65% of the vote in universal-suffrage elections. He shared the Nobel Prize for Peace 1993 with South African president F W de Klerk.
Mandela was born near Umbata, S of Lesotho, the son of a local chief. In a trial of several ANC leaders, he was acquitted of treason 1961, but was once more arrested 1964 and given a life sentence on charges of sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government. In Feb 1990 he was released from prison on the orders of state president F W de Klerk and in July 1991 was elected, unopposed, to the presidency of the ANC. In Dec 1991 the ANC began constitutional negotiations with the government and in Feb 1993 Mandela and President de Klerk agreed to the formation of a government of national unity after free, nonracial elections (later scheduled for April 1994).
Mandela married the South African civil-rights activist Winnie Mandela 1955 (the couple separated 1992).

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