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Or mime. Acronym for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. A protocol widely used on the Internet that extends the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to permit data, such as video, sound, and binary files, to be transmitted by Internet e-mail without having to be translated into ASCII format first. This is accomplished by the use of MIME types, which describe the contents of a document. A MIME-compliant application sending a file, such as some e-mail programs, assigns a MIME type to the file. The receiving application, which must also be MIME-compliant, refers to a standardized list of documents that are organized into MIME types and subtypes to interpret the content of the file. For instance, one MIME type is text, and it has a number of subtypes, including plain and html. A MIME type of text/html refers to a file that contains text written in HTML. MIME is part of HTTP, and both Web browsers and HTTP servers use MIME to interpret e-mail files they send and receive. See also HTTP, HTTP server, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Web browser. Compare BinHex(definition 1).
(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension):
Originally a standard for defining the types of files attached to standard Internet mail messages. The MIME standard has come to be used in many situations where one computer program needs to communicate with another program about what kind of file is being sent.

mime | engleski leksikon

2. mime


Sinonimi: pantomime | dumb show | mimer | mummer | pantomimer | pantomimist

ETYM Latin mimus, Greek, akin to mimesis imitation: cf. French mime. Related to Mimosa.
Type of acting in which gestures, movements, and facial expressions replace speech. It has developed as a form of theater, particularly in France, where Marcel Marceau and Jean Louis Barrault have continued the traditions established in the 19th century by Deburau and the practices of the commedia dell'arte in Italy. In ancient Greece, mime was a crude, realistic comedy with dialogue and exaggerated gesture.
1. A performance using gestures and body movements without words; SYN. pantomime, dumb show.
2. An actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression; SYN. mimer, mummer, pantomimer, pantomimist.

mime | engleski leksikon

3. mime


Sinonimi: pantomime

1. To play charades; SYN. pantomime.
2. To act a part with mimic gesture and action usually without words

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