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(1930-1994) English architect and founder member of Archigram, a radical architectural group of the 1960s. He designed Walking City, a proposed city on wheels with full environmental controls, inspired by space exploration. Walking City became a seminal icon of technology and mobility.
Herron was born in London and trained in technical drawing at the Brixton School of Building. After national service in Germany, he enrolled for evening classes in architecture at Brixton, where a lecturer found him a post with the London County Council (LCC, then the overall governing body of London) 1954. Here Herron met Warren Chalk, with whom he explored US popular culture and technology, and entered architectural competitions.
In 1961 Theo Crosby offered Herron the post of deputy architect for the immense Euston Square redevelopment project. Herron brought Chalk and Dennis Crompton from the LCC and Peter Cook, Mike Webb, and David Greene, who had published his work in the small magazine Archigram, to work with him. These six produced the Living City exhibition 1963 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, and adopted the name Archigram. Herron continued to collaborate with the group while working for mainstream architectural practices. Archigram was derided by the profession for never building anything, but the group’s aim was to explore the idea of almost possible architecture.
Herron’s buildings include the award-winning headquarters for Imagination and recent fabric structures in Japan. He completed a review of Chinese schools of architecture for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). His work has appeared in hundreds of architectural publications, in many exhibitions, including a major retrospective at the RIBA 1989, and as part of the Archigram exhibition 1994 at the Kunsthalle in Vienna, and the Pompidou Center in Paris—a building inspired by Herron’s 1968 drawing Oasis.

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