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1. Gaviria

muški rodlično ime

(Trujillo), (1947-) Colombian Liberal Party politician, president 1990–94; he was finance minister 1986–87 and minister of government 1987–89. He supported the extradition of drug traffickers wanted in the US and sought more US aid in return for stepping up the drug war.
An economist, Gaviria began his career in local government at the age of 22 and became mayor of his hometown Pereira at 27. He went on to the house of representatives and became a deputy minister at 31. As acting president in 1988, while President Virgilio Barco was out of the country, Gaviria negotiated the freedom of a kidnapped presidential candidate. In 1989 he left the government to manage the campaign of another presidential candidate, who was assassinated later the same year.

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