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(Walter Elias) (1901-1966) US filmmaker who became a pioneer of family entertainment. He and his brother established an animation studio in Hollywood in 1923, and his first Mickey Mouse animated cartoon (Plane Crazy) appeared in black and white 1928. Steamboat Willie 1928 was his first Mickey Mouse cartoon in color. He developed the “Silly Symphony,” a type of cartoon based on the close association of music with the visual image, such as Fantasia 1940. His many feature-length cartoons include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1938 (his first), Pinocchio 1939, Dumbo 1941, Bambi 1942, Cinderella 1950, Alice in Wonderland 1952, and Peter Pan 1953. Published materials such as books, magazines, comic books, and records accompanied his films and helped make his animated characters beloved throughout the world.
From 1953, when The Living Desert was shown, Disney made some remarkable nature-study films. Wholesome features with human casts began with Treasure Island 1950, Davy Crockett 1955, The Swiss Family Robinson 1960, and Mary Poppins 1964. Disney produced the first television series in color 1961. He also originated 1955 the concept of pleasure parks, of which Disneyland, California, was the first. Walt Disney World, near Orlando, Florida, 1971, includes the Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) Center 1982, a cross between a science museum and a theme park. There are also parks in Tokyo, Japan, and near Paris, France.

Disney | engleski leksikon

2. Disney


Town in Oklahoma (USA).

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