Diddley | engleski leksikon

1. Diddley

muški rodlično ime

Adopted name of Ellas Bates McDaniel (1928-)
US rhythm-and-blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His distinctive syncopated beat (“Shave and a haircut, two bits”) became a rock staple; it can be heard in many of his classic songs, including ‘Bo Diddley’ 1955, ‘Who Do You Love?’ 1955, and ‘Mona’ 1956.
Bo Diddley, born in Mississippi, recorded for the Chess label in Chicago 1955–74. Muddy Waters had a hit with his song ‘Mannish Boy’ (also known as ‘I’m a Man’) 1955. Relying more on distortion than technique, Bo Diddley’s guitar style has influenced generations of garage bands, and his lyrics are often humorous.

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