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1. Detroit


1. City in Oregon (USA); zip code 97342.
2. The largest city in Michigan and a major Great Lakes port; center of the United States automobile industry; located in southeastern Michigan on the Detroit river; ; Also called: Motor City, Motown.
3. Town in Alabama (USA); zip code 35552.
4. Town in Texas (USA); zip code 75436.
5. Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 62332.
Industrial city and port in Michigan, US, situated on Detroit River; metropolitan area 4,665,200. It has the headquarters of Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors, hence its nickname, Motown, (from “motor town”). Detroit has a famous baseball team, the Detroit Tigers.
Founded 1701 by Frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac as a fur trading center, Detroit became the leading French settlement in the Great Lakes region. It was captured from the French by the British 1760, and passed to the United States 1796. It was destroyed by fire 1805 but soon rebuilt. The opening of the Erie Canal 1825 stimulated development. Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company 1903, and the city grew rapidly after the building of the first automobile factories, becoming the headquarters of Chrysler and General Motors. During the 1960s and 1970s Detroit became associated with the “Motown Sound” of rock and soul music. Between 1950 and 1990 the population shrank by almost half as the automobile factories became automated. There were serious race riots 1943 and 1967; a black mayor was elected 1973.
In the suburb of Dearborn, the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village display 80 historic buildings, including Thomas Edison's laboratory and Henry Ford's birthplace. The central courtyard of the Detroit Institute of Arts 1885 has a series of murals by the Mexican painter Diego Rivera depicting the automobile industry. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, founded 1914, became famous under Antal Dorati. Detroit is the home of Wayne State University and the University of Detroit. The Cranbrook Academy of Art is in the suburb of Bloomfield Hills. Belle Isle Park, an island park in the Detroit River, has outdoor summer concerts, a zoo, and a botanical garden. The Renaissance Center 1977, a business complex, has a 73-story hotel, one of the tallest in the world.

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