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1. Crichton

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(1942-) US novelist, screenwriter, and director. Educated at Harvard Medical School, he combined his medical experience with science-fiction themes to produce a series of highly popular novels, his first success being The Andromeda Strain 1969. This, and many of his later novels, have been filmed, including Westworld 1974, a fantasy science fiction film which he wrote and directed. Subsequent novels include Congo 1980, Jurassic Park 1992, and Disclosure 1994.

Crichton | engleski leksikon

2. Crichton

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(c. 1560-1582) Scottish scholar, known as “the Admirable Crichton” because of his extraordinary gifts as a poet, scholar, and linguist. He was also an athlete and fencer. According to one account he was killed at Mantua in a street brawl by his pupil, a son of the Duke of Mantua, who resented Crichton’s popularity.

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