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1. Cole

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Old King, Legendary British king, supposed to be the father of St Helena, who married the Roman emperor Constantius, father of Constantine; he is also supposed to have founded Colchester. The historical Cole was possibly a north British chieftain named Coel, of the 5th century, who successfully defended his land against the Picts and Scots. The nursery rhyme is recorded only from 1709.

Cole | engleski leksikon

2. Cole

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(1801-1848) US painter. He founded the Hudson River School of landscape artists. Apart from panoramic views such as The Oxbow 1836 (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), he painted a dramatic historical series, The Course of Empire 1836 (New York Historical Society), influenced by the European artists Claude Lorrain, J M W Turner, and John Martin.
Born in England, he emigrated with his family 1819 to Ohio. He went to New York, settling at the village of Catskill on the west bank of the Hudson 1826. He was a self-taught artist but developed a skill in rendering spacious views which won great success, In the Catskills (New York Metropolitan Museum) being an example. He was able to travel to England and Italy, 1829–32, and returned with larger Romantic ambitions, producing a series of landscape allegories (The Voyage of Life, The Course of Empire) and nostalgic Italian compositions. He wrote An Essay on American Scenery 1835.

Cole | engleski leksikon

3. Cole


Town in Oklahoma (USA).

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4. cole


ETYM Old Eng. col, caul, AS. cawl, cawel, from Latin caulis, the stalk or stem of a plant, esp. a cabbage stalk, cabbage.
(Homonym: coal).
A kind of cabbage.

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