CORBA značenje | engleski prevodilac

CORBA značenje | engleski prevodilac



Acronym for Common Object Request Broker Architecture. A specification developed by the Object Management Group in 1992 in which pieces of programs (objects) communicate with other objects in other programs, even if the two programs are written in different programming languages and are running on different platforms. A program makes its request for objects through an object request broker, or ORB, and thus does not need to know the structure of the program from which the object comes. CORBA is designed to work in object-oriented environments. See also IIOP, object (definition 2), Object Management Group, object-oriented.
Common Object Request Broker Architecture is a competing technology to DCOM. CORBA is platform-independent, which makes it more desirable thatn DCOM in many ways. In addition, CORBA is an open architecture supported by a consortium of sofware companies (unlike DCOM, which is a Microsoft-specifi solution(.

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