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1. Bourbon


Pertaining to the Bourbon kings.

Bourbon | engleski leksikon

2. Bourbon

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Duke of (1490-1527) Constable of France, honored for his courage at the Battle of Marignano 1515. Later he served the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and helped to drive the French from Italy. In 1526 he was made duke of Milan, and in 1527 allowed his troops to sack Rome. He was killed by a shot the artist Cellini claimed to have fired.

bourbon | engleski leksikon

3. bourbon


ETYM From the castle and seigniory of Bourbon in central France.
Alcoholic beverage distilled from a mash of corn and malt and rye and aged in charred oak barrels.

Bourbon | engleski leksikon

4. Bourbon


Duchy of, Originally a seigneury (feudal domain) created in the 10th century in the county of Bourges, central France, held by the Bourbon family. It became a duchy 1327.
The lands passed to the Capetian dynasty (see Capet) as a result of the marriage of the Bourbon heiress Beatrix to Robert of Clermont, son of Louis IX. Their son Pierre became the first duke of Bourbon 1327. The direct line ended with the death of Charles, Duke of Bourbon, in 1527.
1. A European royal line that ruled in France and Spain and Naples and Sicily.
2. A member of the European royal family that ruled France.
3. A reactionary politician in the United States (usually from the South).
4. City in Missouri (USA); zip code 65441.
5. Town in Indiana (USA); zip code 46504.
Former name (1649–1815) of the French island of Réunion, in the Indian Ocean.

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