Bogota | engleski leksikon

1. Bogota


Borough in New Jersey (USA); zip code 07603.

Bogotá | engleski leksikon

2. Bogotá


Capital and largest city of Colombia; located in central Colombia on a high fertile plain; Also called: capital of Colombia.
Capital of Colombia, South America; 2,640 m/8,660 ft above sea level on the edge of the plateau of the E Cordillera; Main industries are textiles, chemicals, food processing, and tobacco.
Founded by the Spanish in 1538 on the site of the Indian settlement of Bacatá. It became the capital of the viceroyalty of New Granada, which became the republic of Columbia in 1718.
Home of Simon Bolívar; world's largest collection of pre-Columbian gold objects in its Gold Museum; its two oldest universities were founded in 1580 and 1622.

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