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1. Aubrey

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(1626-1697) English biographer and antiquary. His Lives, begun 1667, contains gossip, anecdotes, and valuable insights into the celebrities of his time. It was published as Brief Lives 1898 in two volumes (edited by A Clark). Miscellanies 1696, a work on folklore and ghost stories, was the only work to be published during his lifetime.
Aubrey was born in Wiltshire. He studied law but became dependent on patrons, including the antiquary Ashmole and the philosopher Hobbes. A one-volume edition of three of his works Miscellanies, Remaines of Gentilisme and Judaisme, and Observations appeared 1972 under the title Three Prose Works (edited by J Buchanan-Brown). Aubrey was the first to claim Stonehenge as a Druid temple.

Aubrey | engleski leksikon

2. Aubrey


1. City in Texas (USA); zip code 76227.
2. Town in Arkansas (USA); zip code 72311.

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