Alston | engleski leksikon

1. Alston

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English choreographer. His modernist style concentrates on light, speedy, lyrical movements. Among his pieces are Bell High 1980, Sacre du printemps 1981, and Midsummer 1983. He was artistic director of the Rambert Dance Company 1986–92.
Having created Something to Do 1969 for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre, he formed his own experimental company, Strider 1972–75. He went to New York to study with Merce Cunningham for two years, culminating with UnAmerican Activities 1977, a collection of his pieces. He returned to England to become the Ballet Rambert’s resident choreographer 1980–86. It was at his suggestion that the company changed its name to Rambert Dance Company when he became its artistic director.

Alston | engleski leksikon

2. Alston


Town in Georgia (USA).

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