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patina [ ženski rod ]

Zdela, činija; lepa zelena ili mrka navlaka (rđa) na antičkim bakrenim ili tučanim novcima, kipovima i dr. umetničkim delima, koja se hemijskim sredstvima može i podražavati. (lat.)

patina [ imenica ]
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ETYM Italian, from Latin patina a dish, a pan, a kind of cake. Related to Paten.
A fine layer of oxide on the surface of a metal; SYN. verdigris.
Film or surface that forms on surface of metal or wood.
Film formed on exposed metals, etc., especially green film on copper or bronze; any such sign of mellowing or old age.
Effect produced on bronze by oxidation, which turns the surface green, and by extension any lacquering or finishing technique, other than gilding, applied to bronze objects. Patina can also mean the surface texture of old furniture, silver, and antique objects.

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