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Prevod reči: ležaljka

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ležaljka [ ženski rod ]

Stolica na rasklapanje, okvir podržava platno.

cartle [ imenica ]
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chaise longue [ imenica ]
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A long chair; for reclining; SYN. chaise, daybed.

deck chair [ imenica ]
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A folding chair for use outdoors; a wooden frame supports a length of canvas; SYN. beach chair. deck-chair, deckchair
A folding chair often having an adjustable leg rest.

divan [ imenica ]
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ETYM Per. dîwân a book of many leaves, an account book, a collection of books, a senate, council: cf. Arabic daiwân, French divan.
A long backless sofa (usually with pillows against a wall).
A collection of Persian or Arabic poems (usually by one author); SYN. diwan.
A Muslim council chamber or law court; SYN. diwan.

easy chair [ imenica ]
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A comfortable upholstered armchair; SYN. lounge chair, overstuffed chair. easy-chair

kartel [ imenica ]
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katel [ imenica ]
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