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alfa [ imenica {lingvistika} ]

Prvo slovo u grčkoj azbuci; fig. početak; alfa i omega azbuke, tj. početak i kraj nečega, sve i sva.

alpha [ imenica {lingvistika} ]
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ETYM Latin alpha, Greek alpha, from Hebrew âleph, name of the first letter in the alphabet, also meaning ox.
The 1st letter of the Greek alphabet.
The beginning of a series or sequence.
First letter (A, a) of Greek alphabet. alpha and omega, first and last; entirely; quintessence. alpha particle, positively charged particle, the nucleus of a helium atom. alpha ray, a ray or beam of alpha. particles. alpha wave, variation in frequency of brain waves associated with drowsiness.
In computing, a 64-bit RISC chip launched 19by Digital Equipment (DEC). It was seen as a rival to Intel's Pentium chip.

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