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real mode [ imenica {računari} ]
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An operating mode in the Intel 80xfamily of microprocessors. In real mode, the processor can execute only one program at a time. It can access no more than about 1 MB of memory, but it can freely access system memory and input/output devices. Real mode is the only mode possible in the 80processor and is the only operating mode supported by MS-DOS. In contrast, the protected mode offered in the 802and higher microprocessors provides the memory management and memory protection needed for multitasking environments such as Windows. See also 808privileged mode. Compare protected mode, virtual real mode.

realni režim [ muški rod {računari} ]

Režim rada procesora 802i novijih u kome se oni ponašaju kao 80na prvim personalnim računarima. DOS i sve DOS aplikacije rade u realnom režimu bez obzira na to koji je procesor ugrađen u sam PC.

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