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police [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, from Latin politia the condition of a state, government, administration, Greek, to be a citizen, to govern or administer a state, from polis city; akin to Skr. pur, puri. Related to Policy polity, Polity.
The force of policemen and officers; SYN. police force, constabulary, law.
Civil law-and-order force. In the us, law enforcement is the responsibility of municipal and state government except for violations of specific federal laws or cases in which state borders have been crossed. Unlike many countries, there is no national police force. The Federal Bureau of Investigation assists state and local law-enforcement authorities.
The exercise of police power in the us is restricted and controlled in order to protect civil rights. Recent us Supreme Court decisions have relaxed some guidelines for searches.

policija [ ženski rod ]

Ogranak državne vlasti koji se stara o održanju javnog poretka, lične i imovne bezbednosti; delatnost te vlasti i osoblje u njenoj službi; zgrada u kojoj se nalazi ta vlast; redarstvo. (grč.)

police [ glagol ]
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To keep in order by police.
To keep in order, as if by police.
To make clean; to clean up

upravljati [ glagol ]

vladati [ glagol ]

čuvati [ glagol ]

održavati [ glagol ]

Čuvati od narušavanja.

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