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pick [ glagol ]
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To select carefully from a group: SYN. choose, select, identify, take.
To look for and gather; SYN. pluck, cull.
To remove in small bits:
To provoke:
To attack with or as if with a pickaxe of ice or rocky ground, for example; SYN. break up.
To pilfer or rob:

birati [ glagol ]

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bockati [ glagol ]

brati [ glagol ]

ključati [ glagol ]

kopati [ glagol ]

Raskopavati, razrivati.

odabirati [ glagol ]

odabrati [ glagol ]

probušiti [ glagol ]

čačkati [ glagol ]

čupati [ glagol ]

Trgati, kidati.

probirati [ glagol ]

Ispitavati, ogledati, pregledati, kušati, proveriti da li je nešto onako kako treba da je; ispitati i odrediti tačnu i pravu sadržinu ruda i metala.

pick [ imenica ]
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ETYM French pic a pickax, a pick. Related to Pick, Pike.
A thin sharp implement used for picking.
A small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument; SYN. plectrum, plectron.
A heavy wooden-handled iron tool with a curved head that is pointed on both ends; SYN. pickax, pickaxe.
A basketball maneuver; obstructing an opponent with one's body.

čačkalica [ ženski rod ]

izbor [ muški rod ]

Izbiranje, odabiranje.

pijuk [ muški rod ]

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