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nod [ imenica ]
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A sign of assent or salutation or command
The act of nodding the head; SYN. nutation.

dremanje [ imenica ]

dremež [ muški rod ]

Pospanost, dremljivost.

klimanje [ imenica ]

klimanje glavom [ imenica ]

mig [ muški rod ]

Znak okom.

nod [ glagol ]
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ETYM Old Eng. nodden; cf. Old High Germ. knoten, genuoten, to shake, and Eng. nudge.
To lower and raise the head, so as to indicate assent.
To let the head fall forward through drowsiness.
To express or signify by nodding.
To sway gently back and forth, as of flowers or tress in the wind; SYN. sway.
To be almost asleep.

klatiti se [ glagol ]

naheriti se [ glagol ]

pretiti padom [ glagol ]

propustiti [ glagol ]

Dati dozvolu za prolaz.

savijati se [ glagol ]

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