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negotiation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin negotiatio: cf. French négociation.
A discussion intended to produce an agreement; SYN. talks.
Bargaining over an issue. In industrial relations, labor unions and employers are likely to negotiate the pay and conditions of workers in the process of collective bargaining. In sales, a company may bargain with another company over the price to be paid for a product, its quality and packaging, and delivery dates. If negotiations break down, it may be possible and worthwhile for the parties to seek outside help with conciliation or arbitration.

negocijacija [ ženski rod ]

Trgovački posao, trgovina, trgovanje; pregovaranje, ugovaranje, posredovanje (naročito u političkim stvarima); prodaja menice kojoj još nije dospeo rok plaćanja, prodaja nedospele menice, prenošenje menice na drugog. (lat.)

posredovanje [ imenica ]

pregovor [ muški rod ]

pretresanje [ imenica ]

savlađivanje [ imenica ]

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