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mirror [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. mirour, French miroir, Old Fren. also mireor, from (assumed) Late Lat. miratorium, from mirare to look at, Latin mirari to wonder. Related to Marvel, Miracle, Mirador.
A faithful depiction or reflection.
A polished surface that forms images by reflecting light.
Any polished surface that reflects light; often made from “silvered” glass (in practice, a mercury-alloy coating of glass). A plane (flat) mirror produces a same-size, erect “virtual” image located behind the mirror at the same distance from it as the object is in front of it. A spherical concave mirror produces a reduced, inverted real image in front or an enlarged, erect virtual image behind it (as in a shaving mirror), depending on how close the object is to the mirror. A spherical convex mirror produces a reduced, erect virtual image behind it (as in a car’s rear-view mirror).
In a plane mirror the light rays appear to come from behind the mirror but do not actually do so. The inverted real image from a spherical concave mirror is an image in which the rays of light pass through it. The focal length f of a spherical mirror is half the radius of curvature; it is related to the image distance v and object distance u by the equation 1/v + 1/u = 1/f.
Liquid mirrors using, for example mercury, are formed by rotating the liquid so that gravity and centrifugal forces shape it into a perfect parabola. They have a number of advantages over solid mirrors: they do not sag and so can theoretically be made much larger; they are cheaper, and need no polishing. In 19a small number of liquid-mirror telescopes had been built for research purposes.

obrazac [ muški rod ]

Mustra, kalup.

odraz [ muški rod ]

Korak koji prethodi izvođenju skoka.

ogledalo [ imenica ]

Naprava za ogledanje, zrcalo.
Istorija ogledala datira još od početka civilizacije, praktično od trenutka kada je čovek otkrio svoj odraz na površini vode i smatrao to pravim čudom. Prva ogledala nisu pravljena od stakla, iako je čovek poznavao i ovaj materijal, već su ljudi, da bi došli do površine na kojoj mogu da se ogledaju, glačali velike komade kamena ili metala.

uglačana površina [ ženski rod ]

mirror [ glagol ]
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To reflect as if in a mirror.
Generally speaking, to mirror is to maintain an exact copy of something.

odbijati [ glagol ]

odražavati [ glagol ]

mirror [ imenica {računari} ]
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Probably the most common use of the term on the Internet refers t m irror site which are web sites, or ftp sites that maintain copies of material originated at another location, usually in order to provide more widespread access to the resource. For example, one site might create a library of software, and 5 other sites might maintain mirrors of that library.

jedan fajl na više ftp servera [ muški rod {računari} ]

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