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matter [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. matere, French matičre, from Latin materia; perh. akin to Latin mater mother. Related to Mother, Madeira, Material.
In physics, anything that has mass and can be detected and measured. All matter is made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of elementary particles; it exists ordinarily as a solid, liquid, or gas. The history of science and philosophy is largely taken up with accounts of theories of matter, ranging from the hard “atoms” of Democritus to the “waves” of modern quantum theory.
Substance; material.
Importance; significance.
The subject at hand; a topic.
A vaguely specified concern; SYN. affair, thing.
A problem.
Written material (especially in books or magazines); SYN. material.
(Used with negation) Having consequence.

događaj [ muški rod ]

Doživljaj, dogodovština.

gradivo [ imenica ]

građa [ ženski rod ]

Materijal za gradnju.
Sastav, struktura.

materija [ ženski rod ]

Tvar, stvarna sadržina prostora ili jednog dela prostora, ono što ispunjava prostor a čiji se fizički karakter označava kao "masa", telesna tvar, ono od čega je telo sastavljeno (supr. forma); sadržina, predmet (npr. govora, proučavanja); tkanina; materija morbi ili materija pekans, med. uzrok bolesti. (lat.)

nevolja [ ženski rod ]

pitanje [ imenica ]

Upitni iskaz.

posao [ muški rod ]

Rad, delatnost, rabota.

predmet [ muški rod ]


sadržaj [ muški rod ]

Sastav nečega, sadržina.

stvar [ ženski rod ]


uzrok [ muški rod ]

važnost [ ženski rod ]


matter [ glagol ]
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To form or discharge pus; suppurate
To be of importance; signify
To have weight or importance; to be important to

biti zabrinut [ glagol ]

brinuti [ glagol ]


gnojiti [ glagol ]

mariti [ glagol ]


važiti [ glagol ]

zagnojiti [ glagol ]

značiti [ glagol ]

značiti nekome [ glagol ]

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