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communication [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin communicatio.
The sending and receiving of messages. The messages can be verbal or nonverbal; verbal messages can be spoken or written, and transmitted in a variety of ways (see telecommunications). Most nonverbal messages between human beings are in the form of body language.
Verbal messages are by no means the clearest and most powerful. The sense of touch, for example, is one of the most forceful methods of communication.In biology, the signaling of information by one organism to another, usually with the intention of altering the recipient’s behavior. Signals used in communication may be visual (such as the human smile or the display of colorful plumage in birds), auditory (for example, the whines or barks of a dog), olfactory (such as the odors released by the scent glands of a deer), electrical (as in the pulses emitted by electric fish), or tactile (for example, the nuzzling of male and female elephants).The activity of communicating; SYN. communicating.
Something that is communicated between people or groups.
A connection allowing access between persons or places.

komunikacija [ ženski rod ]

Saopštavanje, saopštenje; veza, ophođenje, opštenje, dodir; saobraćaj; voj. zaštićen pristup prednjim položajima, saobraćajnica; komunikaciona linija, saobraćajna linija. (lat.)

konferencija [ ženski rod ]

Savetovanje, dogovor; sastanak radi dogovora, raspravljanje (o nekom spornom pitanju i dr.); javno predavanje, obično sa diskusijom. (lat.)

linija veze [ ženski rod ]

odnos [ muški rod ]


poruka [ ženski rod ]

prenos informacija [ muški rod ]

razgovor [ muški rod ]

Dijalog, razgovaranje.

saobraćaj [ muški rod ]

saopštenje [ imenica ]

spoj [ muški rod ]

Kontakt, veza.

veza [ ženski rod ]

Relacija, odnos, spoj, kopula.

zajednička svojina [ ženski rod ]

zaraza [ ženski rod ]

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