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agent [ imenica ]
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A businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission; SYN. factor, broker.
Any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau; SYN. federal agent.
Acts on behalf of other persons or organizations.
A substance that exerts some force or effect.
An active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect.

agent [ muški rod ]

Poslovođa; posrednik; predstavnik firme; zastupnik; potajnik; tajni policajac. Trgovački putnik.
Špijun, detektiv, diverzant; tajni organ službe bezbednosti.

izvršilac [ muški rod ]

pokretna sila [ ženski rod ]

posrednik [ muški rod ]

razlog [ muški rod ]

Obrazloženje, argumenat.

sila [ ženski rod ]

Moć, snaga.

sredstvo [ imenica ]

uzrok [ muški rod ]

vršilac [ muški rod ]

činilac [ muški rod ]


agent [ imenica {računari} ]
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A program that performs a background task for a user and reports to the user when the task is done or some expected event has taken place. A program that searches through archives or other repositories of information on a topic specified by the user. Agents of this sort are used most often on the Internet and are generally dedicated to searching a single type of information repository, such as postings on Usenet groups. Spiders are a type of agent used on the Internet. Also called: intelligent agent. See also spider. In client/server applications, a process that mediates between the client and the server. In Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), a program that monitors network traffic. See also SNMP.

agent [ muški rod {računari} ]

Automatizovani program. Pomoćni program koji izvršava određene zadatke u zadato vreme ili kada se ispune određeni uslovi. Na primer, agent vas može upozroiti da vam je čvrsti disk skoro pun.

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