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strip [ imenica ]
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A narrow flat piece of material; SYN. slip.
A relatively long narrow piece of something
Thin piece of wood or metal.
A form of entertainment in which a dancer undresses to music; SYN. striptease.

kaiš [ muški rod ]

Remen, opasač.

kriška [ ženski rod ]

pruga [ ženski rod ]

traka [ ženski rod ]

Pantljika, vrpca.

uska traka [ ženski rod ]

strip [ glagol ]
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To remove the surface from
To remove the thread (of screws).
To take off or remove; SYN. dismantle.
To take off or remove all one's clothes
To strip the cured leaves from
To remove a constituent from a liquid; in chemistry.
To draw the last milk (of cows).

odrati [ glagol ]

Oguliti kožu.

opljačkati [ glagol ]

Poharati, orobiti.

svući se [ glagol ]

svlačiti se [ glagol ]

Skidati se.

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