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steep [ pridev ]
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Having a sharp inclination
Of a slope; set at a high angle

kos [ pridev ]

neverovatan [ pridev ]

ogroman [ pridev ]

preteran [ pridev ]

strm [ pridev ]


steep [ imenica ]
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A steep place (as on a hill).
The state or process of being steeped
A bath or solution in which something is steeped

strmina [ ženski rod ]

Nagib, kosina, padina, nagib zemljišta.

ponor [ muški rod ]

Bezdan, ambis, provalija.

steep [ glagol ]
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To engross (oneself) fully; SYN. immerse, engulf, plunge, engross, absorb.
To sit or let sit in boiling water to extract the flavor; SYN. brew, infuse.

potopiti [ glagol ]

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