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mind [ imenica ]
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ETYM as. mynd, gemynd.
(Homonym: mined).
That which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason; SYN. head, brain, psyche, nous.
Knowledge and intellectual ability; SYN. intellect.
One's intention; what one intends to do; SYN. idea.
Recall or remembrance.
An intellectual being; SYN. thinker.
In philosophy, the presumed mental or physical being or faculty that enables a person to think, will, and feel; the seat of the intelligence and of memory; sometimes only the cognitive or intellectual powers, as distinguished from the will and the emotions.
Mind may be seen as synonymous with the merely random chemical reactions within the brain, or as a function of the brain as a whole, or (more traditionally) as existing independently of the physical brain, through which it expresses itself, or even as the only reality, matter being considered the creation of intelligence. The relation of mind to matter may be variously regarded. Traditionally, materialism identifies mental and physical phenomena equally in terms of matter and motion. Dualism holds that mind and matter exist independently side by side. Idealism maintains that mind is the ultimate reality and that matter does not exist apart from it.

duh [ muški rod ]

duša [ ženski rod ]

Svest i sposobnost čoveka da misli i oseća.

misao [ ženski rod ]

Rezultat mišljenja.

mišljenje [ imenica ]

namera [ ženski rod ]

Naum, nakana, svrha, cilj.

način mišljenja [ muški rod ]

pamet [ ženski rod ]

Um, razum, intelekt.

pamćenje [ imenica ]

raspoloženje [ imenica ]

razum [ muški rod ]

Pamet, um, intelekt.

sećanje [ imenica ]

srce [ imenica {anatomija} ]

Srce je mišićni organ veličine stisnute pesnice koji kao snažna pumpa tera krv kroz ceo organizam. Nalazi se iza grudne kosti, između plućnih krila, obično s leve strane.
Centar krvotoka, glavni organ krvotoka, šuplji mišićni organ i predstavlja glavni organ za krvotok. Sastoji se iz snažnog mišića koji ima četiri međusobno odvojene šupljine. Dve gornje šupljine su leva i desna pretkomora, a donje veće šupljine su leva i desna komora. Iz komora polaze arterije, a u pretkomore ulivaju se vene.

svest [ ženski rod ]

Svesnost. Sposobnost čoveka da misli, da buste svestan.
Normalno psihičko stanje u kome je čovek svestan sebe, razum.

um [ muški rod ]

Pamet, intelekt, razum.

volja [ ženski rod ]

želja [ ženski rod ]

mind [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: mined).
To be concerned with or about something or somebody; SYN. worry.
To be offended or bothered by; take offense with, be bothered by.
To keep in mind; SYN. bear in mind.

brinuti [ glagol ]


brinuti se [ glagol ]

imati na umu [ glagol ]

paziti [ glagol ]

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