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invoice [ imenica ]
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ETYM French envois things sent, goods forwarded, pl. of envoi a sending or things sent, from envoyer to send; cf. French lettre d'envoi letter of advice of goods forwarded. Related to Envoy.
A written account of the particulars of merchandise shipped or sent to a purchaser, consignee, customer, etc., with the value or prices and charges attached.
A written order for goods to be sent, with payment to be made after delivery.
Bill sent to an individual or business organization for goods or services received. The invoice should state the amount of vat (value-added tax) payable and how quickly the bill needs to be paid.

faktura [ ženski rod ]

trg. Spisak kupljene (ili prodate) robe i račun o tome, račun o robi;
muz. Obrada i građa muzičkih komada.

račun [ muški rod ]

robni račun [ muški rod ]

dostavnica [ ženski rod ]

invoice [ glagol ]
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To send an invoice to.

fakturisati [ glagol ]

Izdati podroban račun (fakturu) o prodatoj robi.

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