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demise [ imenica ]
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ETYM French démettre, p. p. démis, démise, to put away, lay down; pref. dé- (Latin de or dis-) + mettre to put, place, lay, from Latin mittere to send. Related to Mission, Dismiss, Demit.
The decease of a royal or princely person; hence, also, the death of any illustrious person.
Transmission by formal act or conveyance to an heir or successor; transference; especially, the transfer or transmission of the crown or royal authority to a successor.
The conveyance or transfer of an estate, either in fee for life or for years, most commonly the latter.
Death; act of conveying estate.

nasleđe [ imenica ]

Ostavina, ostavština.

prenos suverenosti [ muški rod ]

prenos vlasništva [ muški rod ]

smrt [ ženski rod ]

Prestanak života.

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